Old West RPG ‘MazeQuest 3’ is in Open Beta and Looking for Testers and Feedback

For the past few years, developer Will Orr and his brother Chris have released MazeQuest ($1.99) and MazeQuest 2 ($2.99) on the App Store. The sequel is essentially a more refined version of the original, and both games are retro-styled top-down RPGs with turn-based combat that takes place on a hex-grid battlefield. For as simple as they look on the surface, the MazeQuest games are surprisingly deep and filled with lots of hidden detail, as well as some thoroughly strategic combat. They’ve definitely earned the “hidden gem" title amongst our community. Now the brothers Orr are back with the third entry in the series, and this one is taking some interesting turns. First and foremost is its Old West theme as opposed to the more traditional fantasy/medieval themes of the previous games (and most RPGs for that matter). Here is some video of a VERY early version of MazeQuest 3.

I’ll say again that this is really just MazeQuest 3 in prototype form, as the core game loop is in playable form but there is tons more changes coming to the artwork and all sorts of balancing that still needs to be done. And this is where you can come in! The developers are looking for feedback and want to gather up some early beta testers to help shape the game’s development, so if that sounds like your cup of tea (or your bottle of sarsaparilla) then head over to the discussion thread in our forums to find a public Testflight link to a beta version of MazeQuest 3. Let me just say this again: It’s a very early, unfinished build! But with its more fluid virtual stick movement, even more playable classes, and that very cool Western theme, it has the makings of possibly the best MazeQuest yet, so definitely check it out.