‘Pokemon Masters’ Is Getting Three New Story Chapters in Early November, Calem from ‘Pokemon X & Y’, with New Missions and a New Difficulty Option Now Live

Pokemon Masters (Free) recently had its update roadmap revealed with content announced for well into 2020. The collaboration betwene DeNA and The Pokemon Company has been interesting to see since it launched in terms of support. Today, both companies have revealed content available now and the near future for the game. Watch the original trailer for the game below:

Beginning today, Expert Difficulty is available in Strike, Tech, and support courses in the Training Area. You can earn items quicker with Expert Difficulty. Until November 6th, new missions are available letting you earn up to 200 gems, 20 Big Pearls, and more training items. A Grass-Type training event is on until October 30th while an Electric-Type one is on until October 29th letting you earn vouchers using specific sync pairs. On November 6th, chapters 19, 20, and 21 of the main story will be added and Calem from Pokemon X&Y will be present in the new chapters.

If you’ve not downloaded it yet and want to try the game, you can download Pokemon Masters for free on the App Store and Google Play right now. Check out the official website for it here. What do you think of everything revealed for Pokemon Masters for the future?