‘Mythgard’ Card Battler Enters Open Beta on iOS, Android, and Steam September 19th, New Tutorial Video Released

The card battler Mythgard first popped up on our radar nearly two years ago in December of 2017. Coming from Rhino Games, Mythgard had the ambitious goal of being more approachable than something like Hearthstone but simultaneously having more strategy and depth too, and was shooting for being somewhere in the middle between Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. Mythgard has been in semi-closed alpha testing for a while now, and based on the early impressions of players and streamers out there on the Internet, it seems like they might have actually hit that goal. Rhino is really hoping that Mythgard will bring in people even if they have absolutely zero experience with CCGs, but also will capture the attention of hardcore players of the genre. Today a brand new video was created which goes over the basics of Mythgard so you can get a better idea of how it plays. Check it out below followed by a trailer from last month announcing an upcoming open beta.

That’s right, Mythgard will be launching an official open beta in just a couple of weeks across desktop, iOS and Android. You can pre-order the game on the iOS App Store right now, pre-register for the Android version on the Google Play Store, or Wishlist the desktop version on Steam here. Mythgard will use just one account across all platforms and will include a single-player campaign, head to head battles, and cooperative 2v2 modes. Also the card art is friggin’ bad ass. I love the “urban fantasy" theme which is so much cooler than the typical straight fantasy themes of many of these types of games. I’m not a huge card battler person but I will definitely be taking Mythgard for a spin when it launches in open beta in just a couple of weeks.