Bethesda Will Update ‘DOOM’ and ‘DOOM II’ to Fix Lighting and Audio Issues Alongside Performance Improvements

Bethesda surprised everyone by releasing updated versions of DOOM ($4.99) and DOOM II ($4.99) on the App Store and Google Play. The excitement was short lived for many when people realised you needed a account and an online login for DOOM. DOOM II had this as an option and it wasn’t forced. Both games received updates soon after to remove the mandatory login for the most part. You still have to tap on “Skip" each time you launch either of the two games on iOS. Another update has been announced by Bethesda for the new DOOM ports on mobile and all other platforms.

Over the weeekend, Bethesda announced another planned update for both classic DOOM games on iOS and Android. This update aims to fix performance issues and improve the lighting and audio to match the originals. Right now the audio is a bit off if you’ve played the originals. New players will obviously not notice this. As of now, no timeframe has been given for this but it might take a little longer because they need to update the ports for iOS, Android, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. I wonder if they will bring DOOM 3 to iOS and Android. Did you buy both games on iOS or any other platform through these new releases?