‘Trap Labs’ is a Clever Action Puzzler about Avoiding Traps for Cash, Coming to Mobile Next Week

Want that shiny new game system but don’t have the funds? Then why not volunteer to become a human guinea pig for a shady company that develops trap-laden rooms of death to earn some extra cash. Yeah, that seems like a plan! That’s the premise behind Trap Labs, an action puzzle game from one-man developer Packet1337 Inc. that launched on Steam just under a year ago and is heading to iOS and Android next week. Your goal is to simply make your way from one side of each room to the other, collecting coins and performing the simple puzzle-like tasks asked of you. Tasks which at any moment can turn into instant traps of death. But hey, you might earn some pocket change along the way, so that softens the whole “possibility of death" thing, right? One really cool feature of Trap Labs is that it’ll feature full cross-platform multiplayer, meaning you can team up with your buddies to tackle rooms cooperatively or race through hazardous courses against each other competitively. Check out the Steam launch trailer for Trap Labs below, followed by a more gameplay-focused trailer.

Another neat thing about Trap Labs is where its inspiration comes from. Packet1337 enjoyed playing “bounds" maps on Starcraft, which are community created maps which task the player with making their way across the map while avoiding all sorts of dangers. The developer thought it would be the perfect sort of fit for a full game and one that would work really well on touchscreens in particular. As for the cartoony art style, that’s inspired by some of the developer’s favorite shows growing up like Dexter’s Laboratory and Fairly OddParents. Seems like a winning combination to me! Trab Labs will be launching on iOS and Android alongside a content update for the Steam version next Tuesday, September 3rd so be sure to give it a look then.