‘SNIKS’ is a Super Cute Puzzler from the Creator of ‘Glitchskier’ that’s Launching Next Week

Indie developer Shelly Alon forged a reputation for creating really enjoyable puzzlers with strong mechanics and stylish visuals based on previous releases Partyrs ($1.99) in 2014 and Sputnik Eyes ($1.99) in 2015. And then in 2017 we were thrown a curveball with the incredibly unique hacker-themed shoot ’em up Glitchskier ($1.99), which remains a personal favorite even today. Now Shelly is back at it and returning to those colorful puzzler roots with the upcoming SNIKS. In it you’ll direct multi-colored snakes around various shapes of puzzle boards in an effort to get each color snake to eat their same-colored type of fruit. Obviously it’s not as simple as it sounds as you’ll need to work within the space you’re given and fairly quickly SNIKS will start challenging your brain in interesting ways.

Those who are familiar with the excellent Snakebird will likely see similarities here, and not just because of the bright colors and snakes, but SNIKS manages to break into its own territory and feel very much like its own thing. As with all of Shelly’s games, SNIKS is a one-time purchase premium game with no ads or IAP, and it is available for pre-order on the App Store right now at a discounted price of just $1.99. Based on the pedigree here if you’re a fan of puzzle games this one should most definitely be on your radar when it arrives next Thursday, August 14th.