Best iPhone Game Updates: ‘PUBG Mobile’, ‘Rogue Legacy’, ‘Fortnite’, ‘Another Eden’, ‘Subway Surfers’, and More

Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It’s time once again for our look back at the noteworthy updates of the last seven days. We’ve got some good games new and old to check out this time around, with some very popular years-old favorites and a couple of relatively new upstarts keeping them company. As always, I’ve picked out a handful to make for some light reading as you kick off your week. Of course, you can keep an eye out for updates yourself using AppShopper or by participating in the TouchArcade forums. This weekly summary is just here to fill you in on the things you might have missed. Let’s go for it!

Rogue Legacy, $3.99 I mean, if there’s one unique characteristic of Rogue Legacy‘s mobile port, it’s that you’re probably not playing with a controller. But if you are, this latest update has a nice new feature. Namely, if you have a controller connected, the on-screen virtual buttons will disappear, giving you a cleaner look at the playfield. Yay! Other than that, it’s mostly housekeeping. A crash has been fixed, some optimizations have been made out of battery considerations, and the default sensitivity on the virtual stick is now set to high rather than medium.

Dan The Man, Free Geez, Dan The Man is getting a bit long in the tooth, isn’t it? I remember when it was a wee new release. I never expected it to be still getting updates this many years down the line. I mean, hey, they’re not that big as updates go, but support is support. So what can you look forward to in this one? It looks like there’s a new Lobster costume. Yeah, that’s more or less it. There are also some bug fixes and such, but I know you’re really there for the pinchy-pinchy.

Knights Chronicle, Free Lots of new stuff in the latest update for Knights Chronicle. Now, bear with me, because I don’t play this game. There’s a new Drayan Hero and costume, an Awakening for Karen, a new Erandel Advent dungeon, and a new Badge Auto Combine system. A new SSR hero named Baskerville has been added to the Guild Shop, and the Boss Battle rewards have been increased. Besides that, there are some balance adjustments, a new system that allows you to set the number of Auto Battle repetitions you’d prefer, and a handful of other small improvements. Ha ha, that all means very little to me, but if you play Knights Chronicle I’m sure it means a lot to you.

Subway Surfers, Free Subway Surfers has picked up sticks again and headed to a new location. This update takes the kids to Barcelona, where they’ll surf the tracks among beautiful mosaics, fantastic buildings, and sandy beaches. No time for enjoying all of those things, however. You’ve got to collect as many Spanish guitars as you can to try to get some sweet rewards. Soccer fan Diego and his Chivalry outfit are ready to go, and a new board called Stallion is certainly quite horse-shaped and therefore a coveted item. All in all, another cute update for a real long-running success.

ANOTHER EDEN, Free The latest update in this enjoyable little social RPG adds a few bits of new content for you to enjoy. The Otherlands: Elzion Region has been added to the game for you to explore, and a new character named Tsukiha has been made available. A couple of encounters have been adjusted as well. Some writing errors have been corrected, and a number of other small bugs have been addressed. I’m sure we’ll see this game around again before too long, and I’m happy to see it thriving because it’s certainly serving the needs of a particular fanbase.

Toon Blast, Free Alright, it’s time for the F2P matching puzzle game update for this week! This time around, it’s Toon Blast. As usual, you get fifty new levels. And as usual, the update notes have tried to contextualize it. Apparently toon activity is at unsafe levels and the emergency protocols have been activated. Systems? Totally critical. They’re evacuating the Blast Power facility, and this whole thing reeks to high heaven to me. This is a world where everyone is a toon. Why would toon activity be a problem? That’s like if human activity were a problem in our world, which… oh, wait. Actually, that kind of checks out. Carry on, then.

PUBG MOBILE, Free PUBG Mobile has been making big gains lately in the rankings, and a huge update like this one sure won’t hurt that. There’s a lot here, so I won’t go into all the specifics. There’s a new Infection mode where you play as zombies, a new character system with extra appearance options and more skills, a new pirate-themed main menu to tie into the new Global Treasure Hunt, and an 8th Royale Pass for the new season. It’s a lot of new stuff to process, so if you haven’t checked in on the game in a while, now is as good a time as any to go back. For this effort, I will give PUBG Mobile a coveted UMMSotW award. Don’t eat it all at one time!

Fortnite, Free Fortnite‘s latest update is as minimal as PUBG Mobile‘s is substantial. Basically a new Rift Zone has appeared and changed the Mega Mall back into Retail Row. Also, something to do with a dog? I don’t know, I’m not Professor Batman or anything. But I know Fortnite is popular and its updates are important to cover, so I have to put it in here even if there’s almost nothing worth devoting a paragraph to. That’s how the business works sometimes, friends. The Fortnite struggles froth up the SwitchArcade bubbles. Enjoy the Retail Row! Next!

Azur Lane, Free Apparently, Azur Lane‘s English version is celebrating its first anniversary. Happy birthday, I guess. In honor that, a bunch of new shipgirls have been added, such as Taihou and Essex. A limited character, Avrora, is apparently available to everyone. And that’s really the size of it, as far as the update notes go. But hey, good on the game for making it a full year in English. Lots of F2P service games don’t get that far, especially when they’re working niches. Enjoy the cake, friends.

World of Tanks Blitz MMO, Free And we’ll finish things up this week with a quick check-in on World of Tanks Blitz. Its latest version has a New Bay map where you battle in the streets of a big city. Apparently there is some unique gameplay in British heavies that involves some new consumables. A magazine-based gun is now available for the AMX 50 Foch (155) Tier X vehicle, and apparently a 59-Patton in Aratinga warpaint is now in the game? Take your eyes off a game these days for a handful of months and it’s all nonsense when you come back. I’m going to go take a nap.

That about wraps it up for last week’s significant updates. I’m sure I’ve missed some, though, so please feel free to comment below and let everyone know if you think something should be mentioned. As usual, major updates will likely get their own news stories throughout this week, and I’ll be back next Monday to summarize and fill in the blanks. Have a great week!