‘Bumpin’ Dungeon’ is a Dungeon Crawler Puzzler Hitting iOS and Android July 10th

Developer Nick Culbertson, aka Moby Pixel, has a thing for musically-focused mobile games, having previously released the rhythm game Epic Orchestra (Free) as well as the rhythm-based platformer Synthwave Escape (Free). His latest project may not be a rhythm game per se, but it sure does have a kick ass soundtrack. It’s called Bumpin’ Dungeon and it’s a dungeon-themed puzzler where your goal is to get to the exit of each room. Obviously it’s never as straightforward as that in these types of games, and one of the unique mechanics in this game is needing to step on the squares in certain rooms to light them up before opening up the exit, making the path you take crucial to your success. Beyond that there’s the typical stuff you’d find in a dungeon like spike traps, false floors, and of course plenty of enemies. Check it out in the trailer for Bumpin’ Dungeon.

If you want to learn more about Bumpin’ Dungeon, there’s another trailer with developer commentary that talks about the inspirations behind the creation of the game. These include Culbertson’s two-year old daughter who the main character is based on, as well as the PICO-8 retro-style game development system which is where the sprites for the game were created. Oh, and that awesome soundtrack? That was created on a very awesome website called BeepBox that lets you create chiptunes right in your browser. I definitely lost a good chunk of my day messing around with it. If you’re liking the look of Bumpin’ Dungeon like I am, then look for it on both iOS and Android when it arrives on July 10th.