‘Warp Nexus’, Spiritual Successor to ‘Jumpgate’ Out Later This Year

Releasing later this year from indie studio Wyrmbyte, Warp Nexus appears to be a killer, massively multiplayer, space sim. Not sold yet? Probably wise. Claiming to be a spiritual successor to Jumpgate, Warp Nexus features the real-time, action oriented space flight while including a mix of MMO elements like a player-driven economy, bounties, and possibly even crafting.

It promises quite a lot—not the least of which is full cross-play with all platforms (yes, all platforms, including the PlayStation 4 and PC). Whether it delivers or not is yet to be determined, of course, as not even an early access build is available. What information we have is just enough to tantalise, but certainly not satisfy.

At this point, the biggest concerns are whether it controls well, and how it’ll be monetised—neither, however, is likely to be answered soon. Worst case, this’ll be some kind of time-restricted money grab or idle research grind. Best case? We’re looking at a fully cross-play enabled EVE Online on every platform currently available. Realistically, though, it’ll fall somewhere in between.

Ultimately, we just don’t have enough information for anything more than speculation at this time. Despite that, I am very hesitantly excited and eager to devour any new information as it comes. Interested parties (like me) would be best served by either watching here for new stories as they release, or drinking straight from Wyrmbyte’s website or Twitter.