‘Toy Story Drop!’ is the Mash-Up of Buzz Lightyear and ‘Gummy Drop!’ You’ve Been Waiting For

Friends, I wanted to lead this off with a sizzling headline, but to my dismay the makers of the game already beat me to the punch with the title of their YouTube video promoting it. Oh well! Let’s (toy) soldier on anyway. Yeah, you saw what I did there. I’ll be here for the whole article. So, Toy Story 4 is a movie that is happening. It’s true. And like many movies destined to be hits, there are going to be games launching around it. Which one will be the most successful? Well, I’m not going to bet against Toy Story Drop!‘s chances.

You’ve certainly seen this kind of game before. It’s a match-3 where stages have you trying to complete one of a few goals in a set number of moves. You can find six or seven games with almost the exact same gameplay in the first twenty listed titles of the top-grossing chart on the App Store. So what makes this one so special? It has Woody! Is that not enough? He’s a good and pure cowboy who helps everyone out! Ugh, fine. It also has Buzz, and some other Toy Story characters. It may or may not have the Randy Newman song. I’m not sure if it’s legal to have that looping anywhere lest madness spill out. Did I mention Woody? There’s even a stage type where you have to reunite Woody with Bullseye. Is your heart made of stone? Come on!

All joking aside, I was looking for a new match-3 to replace my dearly departed Sailor Moon Drops, and this may just fit the bill for me. Toy Story Drop! releases this spring, but if you sign up ahead of time on the website for the game, you can help unlock special community rewards like an Alien Voice Pack. Oooooh. I’d imagine they’ll also give you the heads-up when the game is out, and maybe even send you some nice promotional mail about their other games? Ha ha, those rascals. Anyway, Woody in Toy Story Drop! Featuring Woody the Cowboy and I Guess Maybe Buzz Also should provide a rootin’, tootin’ good time for anyone who likes switching colorful objects for other colorful objects and watching them disappear. Is that you? Then go do that pre-register thing.