Awesome Dungeon Defense Game ‘Dungeon Warfare 2’ is Heading to Mobile Tomorrow

You may be aware that Bullfrog’s 1997 PC game Dungeon Keeper is a stone cold classic that allowed you to build your very own dungeon full of various traps and minions that you’d use to defend against invaders looking to break in and steal your loot. Because of its cult status, there was a tremendous backlash when EA resurrected Dungeon Keeper as a free to play mobile game back in 2014. Actually, tremendous backlash is putting it lightly. Lucky for us mobile gamers two-person studio Valsar created a Dungeon Keeper-inspired game called Dungeon Warfare ($2.99) which was released on Steam in 2015 to critical acclaim, and in August of the following year they ported the game to mobile with great results. Then in July of last year Valsar released the bigger and better sequel Dungeon Warfare 2 to Steam with a similar positive reception, and now they’re again hooking us mobile gamers up with the goods with a port. Here’s a trailer for the desktop version.

The funny thing is that I was not really a big fan of Dungeon Keeper back in the day as I didn’t play a ton of PC games back then, so while I enjoyed watching the dumpster fire of EA’s mobile release from afar, I didn’t really have any personal attachment to the whole thing. But boy howdy did I end up falling in love with Dungeon Warfare as a result of it being deemed the anti-freemium answer to EA’s offering. It’s not even my type of game really but there’s definitely a secret sauce in Dungeon Warfare that pushes all the right buttons even if it’s not your type of genre. I’ve actually been secretly hoping the original Dungeon Warfare would get some full screen update love for my iPhone X, but I’ll gladly take a mobile port of the sequel instead. As with the first game Dungeon Warfare 2 will be paid with no IAP coming in at a price of $4.99, and best of all is that it’s set to release tomorrow, which in the world of digital app stores could be anytime in the next 24 hours. Hype!