The Cute Looking ‘Mana Balls’ is Looking for Beta Testers

For many years now developers have turned to the mobile gamers in our forums to find a good pool of beta testers to help shape the outcome of their games. Our community members are such mobile fanatics that they know instantly what they like to see in a game, and more importantly, what they don’t like to see. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a game launch with tons of issues that could have been ironed out with even a couple of weeks of beta testing, but instead the developer is scrambling to fix stuff during those crucial early days of launch. Anyway, beta testing: Check it out! I always try to post about games that are looking for beta testers in our forums, and one such game is called Mana Balls from Ghakilo, a developer made up of two brothers. Check out the trailer.

As you can see, Mana Balls has a bit of a Breakout vibe but is more about bouncing and catching mana balls out of the air rather than breaking bricks. Ghakilo calls this “bounce and catch" gameplay. There will be tons of different Mana balls with unique abilities to discover, a card-based power up system, and a “Combo Mode" whatever that may be. All this will take place across a whopping 150 levels that will include boss fights, and there’s even some story elements to the game which, most importantly of all, involves a cat in some way. If you want to try out Mana Balls for yourself then head over to the forum thread and let the developers know you want to get in on the beta test, and keep an eye out for this one to launch in the near future.