GDC 2019: Twitchy Avoidance Game ‘Too Close’ from ‘Fly Catbug Fly!’ Developer Ludoko

We were already fans of developer Ludoko for their previous mobile releases like the (sadly no longer available) Fly Catbug Fly! and the bouncy reflection game Outdodge (Free). In fact, both Outdodge and Fly Catbug Fly! are primarily about dodging things, and you might say that Ludoko has a “thing" for that particular mechanic as their new game Too Close is ALL ABOUT dodging stuff. The premise is super simple, as you’ll control a little circle with your finger and try to collect the various diamonds that appear on screen. It’s not actually that simple though, because each diamond you collect will burst into various bits of shrapnel that will now bounce around the screen and must be avoided while you continue collecting diamonds. The more diamonds you collect, the more shrapnel that fills the screen, making it harder and harder to avoid it. Oh, and did I mention that the walls are slowly closing in on you too? Because that’s happening. Too Close is a simple concept that’s executed extremely well, with a really great attention to detail and a super polished feel. See it in action below and look for it to launch sometime in the next couple of months.