GDC 2019: Tricky Snowboarding Game ‘Stomped’ is Still in the Works

Just about two years ago we first checked out an upcoming snowboarding game called Stomped from developer UglyRobot that was looking for beta testers at the time. Stomped was a 2D side-scrolling take on snowboarding that also took inspiration from what’s called powder surfing, which is basically snowboarding with a board that’s not strapped to your feet. This allows you to do tricks like kickflips and varials that are usually more associated with skateboarding. In terms of video gaming, this means that Stomped is a side-scrolling snowboard game that actually has a deeper trick system than most, and is all about pulling off long and complex combos. Anyway, it seemed like any news about Stomped just sort of stopped, that is until this week when the folks at Noodlecake trucked it out as part of their library of games they were showing off. Check out our updated look at Stomped in the video below and we expect to be seeing this one arrive in the App Store sometime this year.