GDC 2019: Climb a Mountain and Strike a Pose, All While Naked, in the Incredibly Strange ‘Nood Climbrs’

I knew the folks at Noodlecake Games were fond of publishing some pretty weird titles. I even alluded to that fact when we checked out their crazy produce roller Farm Punks at GDC earlier this week. But during that same meeting, after they had put Farm Punks away and left me scratching my head, they proceeded to practically break my brain by showing me Nood Climbrs. They joked that they’d publish any game with “nood" in the title, since they’re NOODlecake and all, but Nood Climbrs is actually a crazy unique game so it’s easy to see why they’d want it in their portfolio besides just the extremely fitting name. Nood Climbrs is one of those silly physics games where you help your noodle-limbed character (there it is again!) climb a mountain by placing their limbs on various hand and foot holds one limb at a time. Some can only be held for a limited time though, so you’ll need to be quick, and at certain points along your route you’ll even need to grab very specific holds in order to match a special pose on the wall. Oh and did I mention that you’re naked? I mean, as naked as a weird blob person can get, I guess, but naked all the same. Naked and PROUD. You can actually become less naked (if you’re into that sort of thing) by unlocking an absurd amount of various clothing and customization items. Nood Climbrs is being developed by FINIFUGU && friends and has been shown off in various states of completion over the past year or so. With Noodlecake at the publishing helm they expect to finally release the game in the next several weeks, but until then you can check out our very entertaining demo from GDC in the video below.