GDC 2019: Blast and Smash Zombies with a Helicopter in ‘Dustoff Z’ from Invictus Games

Developer Invictus Games has had a lot of success with their Dustoff Heli Rescue series, with the original game launching in late 2014 and a sequel coming a couple of years later, and both games receiving a ton of updates ever since. Now they’ve got a spinoff in the works called Dustoff Z that, as you could probably guess from the title, features zombies to mow down with your various weaponized helicopters. But you don’t just blast zombies, which is fun on its own, but since the entire game has a physics system in play you can also pick up objects with your wench and swing them into zombies or drop them right on top the zombies and make them go squish that way. It’s an awful lot of fun, as you can see in the demo we were given of Dustoff Z during GDC, so be sure to check this one out when it arrives within the next few months.