Fantastic Metroidvania ‘Dandara’ Permanently Drops Price on Mobile

Dandara ($5.99) from Long Hat House and Raw Fury is one of the best metroidvania games on the App Store, and back when it initially launched just over a year ago it was noteworthy for doing what most multi-platform games with a mobile version don’t do: Complete parity across platforms. That meant that Dandara on mobile launched with the same content, on the same day, and most shockingly at the same price as on all other platforms. Even more shocking was that its regular price was $14.99, even on mobile. A pretty bold move if I’ve ever seen one, but the experience of Dandara actually backed up its relatively high-by-mobile-standards price. Well, it was a good run, but after being on mobile for over a year Long Hat House has decided to permanently drop the price of Dandara on mobile to something that’s a little more in line with other premium games on the platform, down to just $5.99.

Like a lot of the premium experiences on mobile though, Dandara offers a healthy amount of content and gameplay for its relatively low admission price. This is a metroidvania so expect to make your way through a big open world map acquiring new abilities as you go which subsequently allow you to explore previously inaccessible areas. Dandara does a couple of things pretty differently than most metroidvanias, though. For one, gravity is almost non-existent and the world can twist and turn at a moment’s notice meaning that you’ll have to pay close attention to tell up from down. This ends up working though due to Dandara’s other unique feature, its movement. Your character is able to stick to surfaces and sort of slingshot herself around, and while it takes a bit of getting used to it won’t be long before you’re shooting around the game like an acrobat. It’s incredibly satisfying. You can read even more about our thoughts on Dandara in our original review, but if you’ve slept on this one thus far now is a great time to dive in with this new permanent price drop.