Classic Word Game ‘Wooords’ Returning to App Store Thanks to GameClub

If you’re a regular TouchArcade reader, you know we’re already down with what GameClub is doing, resurrecting great iOS games of days gone by like a digital Pet Sematary, but without the negative side effects … we think. In any case, we’ve also been on top of exactly which games the company is bringing back, like Sword of Fargoal, and we’re equally hyped about the impending revival of Wooords.

Not ringing any bells? A creation of Stray Robot Games way back in the Jurassic period of mobile, a.k.a. 2011, Wooords is a game with simple but easy to comprehend mechanics that involve sliding letters around like you were sliding letter magnets around on your fridge. They even look and sound like said magnets, and the ability of the game to recognize words even when the letters aren’t quite lined up perfectly almost makes them feel like it too.

We liked Wooords so much when it first arrived on iOS that we gave it five stars in our review, as well as naming it one of our favorite puzzle games of 2011. According to GameClub, you’ll get your chance to find out why soon enough.

Thanks to Twitter, we’ve got a lead on two other games seemingly lost to the sands of time that also will be reborn thanks to GameClub: the auto-running sci-fi platformer Polara, and a puzzle game from the same developer, Hope This Works Games, called Kunundrum.

Sounds pretty dope to us. If you’d like to get early access (well, early access to the returned games, since people have been playing them for years prior, but you know what we mean), you can head to the GameClub website and register your email address. That’ll get you invited to the beta program where you’ll not only be able to play Wooords before it officially comes back, but give your feedback on what other classic premium iOS games from the past you’d like to see again.