Rotating World Platformer ‘Linn: Path Of Orchards’ Up for Pre-Order with Discount, Coming February 13th from Crescent Moon Games

Crescent Moon Games are ALWAYS up to something, and it looks like their next mobile release will be the gorgeous world-rotating platformer called Linn: Path Of Orchards. Crescent Moon has been teasing this one on Twitter for the past couple of weeks, and it’s a platforming game where the actual platforms are always in motion rotating this way and that. Your job is to run along those platforms to collect items and reach the goal without falling to your death. Isn’t that what we all strive for in life, not falling to our deaths? There’s currently no trailer for Linn but here’s a few tweets showing clips of the game and its really unique art style in action.

If you like the look of this one, and I myself most certainly do, then as mentioned you can pre-order the game on the App Store right now by clicking this link and if you do so you’ll save yourself 40% off the game’s normal going rate. If you’re not into the whole pre-ordering thing then you can look to grab Linn: Path Of Orchards the old-fashioned way when it arrives on the App Store on February 13th.